Saturday, August 19, 2006

Psych...I'm back!!

Thanks to Randy and Jeff and Donna D and Melanie and Heather bastards rule

....Listen...I was so dis heartened the other night when I was listening to Mr. Blogger himself on NPR saying that 175,000 blogs are created each week and half will be deigned useless in 6 months...The Cool Store has been around for close to 2 years traffic is that of a Montanan Highway on Christmas Eve....
Nevertheless...At work, I think about stuff to write; (because I have such a mindless job), I am always saying to myself (sometimes aloud, thus getting breath-a-lized) does anyone care about these thoughts of mine? I guess I was basing the amount of my readers on the comments section; which you can attest to; are usually nil.
That reminds me...Does anyone have a scribe which can tell me how to use a semi-colon? I hear it is over used by novices like myself.
The Cool Store is back, by, ahem; overwhelming demand.
Love to you all; <---

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