Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yes I've paid the price...But look how much I've gained

What bothers me about other blogs is just what is going on in society today. It's a recycling of idea's. Case in point. Getty Images goes to some shindig and takes a picture. Therein, 5,000 bloggers (and I am being generous in that #) will take that picture and write about it.
I could give two of my last dying day shits about Jessica, Britney, Jen and Vince and the rest. These mags (us, star, enquirer et al) are all fanzines. And, i like my fanzines. Especially if the dentist office or jet Blue has one. It's a nice 30 minute diversion, if that much. I dig Angelina as much as anyone else but I do not need to see her new fucking St. John advertisement on the cover of the newspaper when 3 more soldiers got blown to bits because of a dickhead President.

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Bart said...

I want you to stay, too, but I swear I only blog like once a month now, since my life is devoted to work and chronic masterbation...Got a good book 4 u when I finish.."Hotel California" about Laurel Canyon scne circa 68-77...