Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ben is Love

This WAS to be the name of my production company (if ever). Ben is the name of Brian's cocker spanial. It was when we moved down to Miami. Ben was like, 9 months old. I taught him to swim, and he taught me about intruistic love.
About three weeks ago I had a dream that Benny had died. (It's 13 years)
So, I called Brian @ the "ranch."
I left a message.
Two weeks later, I saw I had a VM. The operator was like 7-6-0 and I was like; where the frig is 760? " Hey Mickey, this is Brian..."
I instantly hit save.
I don't know why? I am always guilty.
Tonight, I listened to it. It was full of hate and rage and fuck you. I am so freaking sad now. I have been face-masked.
I lived my FUCKING LIFE through this asshole. I gave up everything other than being a housewife for this dick.
I have lost hope in make up sex.

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