Monday, September 04, 2006

Sick Fucks

When i was a young lad and I use to want to hang out with my older brother. It may have been because of a sick fuck named 'log'. He was 13 at the time (me 10) and he proudly showed of his 10 incher. I grew up with him my whole life and all, but this revelation at this age struck me.
"Log" would loop his pole through the chain link fence or whip it against a tree(never witnessed by me). Yet, I did get to see the great candle incident of 1979 and I fondly remember playing Marco Polo with him in my pool and he held his pole out and I thought it was someones wrist(?).... Polo
Log was a sick fuck, but not as much as Steve Irwin....later gator

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Randy said...

Great candle incident of 1979? More please :)