Friday, September 22, 2006


Scroll up...Look at my mug. Do I look like a big pansey? I have no lisp and I do not do Crystal.
All stereotypes are gone, right?
I fucking love "The Gilmore Girls."
I thought the gayest thing in my life was the brown "Carpenters" album.
Yet, maybe it's the witty banter or the pop references, but mostly it's the acting.
Kelly Richmond who plays Mrs. Gilmore is; the best actress . I IMDB'ed her and found out she won a Tony and an Obie. Cool.
Liza Weil is brilliant as Rory's nemesis. I actually IMDB'ed her after an episode of L&O:SVU.
I think that's when I started watching.
Anyway, this is a guilty pleasure you only admit on line or in an interview of Detour.

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