Thursday, September 21, 2006


i just got free HBO for a month because all I wanted was to have Bravo added to my "150 channels plus Internet" and it wasn't there. I struck a new deal. Anyway, because I was pleasant to 'Rico' on the phone, he gave me 1 month free of HBO.
Hence me watching; "Meet the Focker's" tonight. I only saw like the first (boring) 30 minutes when Donna called.
I just caught the last 30 minutes as well.
But I am reminded of my days at United Talent Agency (UTA) {<---a powerhouse} when we repped Teri Polo and we sent numerous (!) tapes of her out every frigging day.
It worked.
Meanwhile; Streisand (who is very good here) got better billing then she; who was in the origional.

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