Saturday, September 23, 2006

Frig Contracts

So this is the deal i spoke of a few months ago. I was supposed to be on the Bravo show "Top Chef." I had a second call back, yet the day before one half of the production team asked me to come up with 'something' from my Past.
Errkkk. (car brakes slamming).
I went home that night thinking. Whay shall I reveal?
Gay is passe; and everyone knows all chefs are finoche's. (Italian word for fennel which also means 'gay')
I was not about to tell these eager beaver producers about my last 4 months in Rehab...they would have loved that.
Can you imagine? Everytime my face was plastered on the screen, underneath it would say "12 stepper" or "Drunk Bitch"
I would not prostitute myself for 100G.
So, I went for the secons interview at some hotel on 58th street (very cool, I might add).
I did the whole intervirew and, honestly, I was barren, but I did not think I had to be an actor. I wanted to recite recipe's.
So, blond assistant; who lived in Los Angelos yet knew nowhere I knew except for KooKooRoo was the person prompting me for fodder.
I told them I have not been in a relationship in over 8 years and that I have been through, possibly, 76 jobs.
Lookit...I'm seeing the promo's. I am so much canera ready (better looking) and talented.



Bart said...

"Mickey" In Recovery

Oh sweet Jesus do not let them label you the "gay, in-recovery" guy, and they have to be able to give you an archetype. I want you to get cast on that, it will be fun watching you win and even if you don't it will be fun watching nonetheless...

mickeyitaliano said...

thanks actually gave me a little boner...but this was 3 monyhs ago. I was contractually abided(?) by this.
Love, Mick