Saturday, September 16, 2006

I think I've seen this movie?

I signed a year lease; and I'm kind of pissed. I think (gasp) I would rather live on Long Island near my friend Donna and her three boys that she is raising alone; thanks in no part to ANOTHER dickhead dad.
We've been friends for 25 years. Isn't that weird? I write that on applications sometimes, and it seems so inconcievable.
Today I had Brooklyn Union Gas (Keyspan?), Time Warner and Con (Get an) Ed come. I was joking to Joyce last night that I hoped one of them was a hotty.
You know the routine...scheduled between 8 and 12.
Around 11:15 Keyspan arrived (kinda fugly) and a minute later Time Warner um, comes. He was fiddling around as was I...hanging these effing panels for the third time because they are too long. There I am with my Black and Decker Power Tool, when this cable guy gets my Internet up. My 'Favorites' column is listed at the left; and he's like; "I love this site"
He was playing with himself the whole time.
It was kind of weird and kind of attractive.
I feel kinda whore-ish.
Like...What do I look like?
He had a wedding band on to boot.
Guy's are pigs.

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