Monday, September 18, 2006

Hate is a strong word!!!

I kind of hate talking about porn-y things here, because as much as I love sex (when it droops it's ugly face at me); it's been kind of an under the cover subject with my family. I remember one time my cousin was talking about his orgasm via a shot glass and I know my mother was aghast. I, was just confused (still...hah).
I remember watching the "Queer as Folk" (Brittish Version) and one of the mom's of the gay guy said: "You know what it is...they are sucking cock"
This kind of made a profound statement to me. Cause it's the truth.
My mother and I can not converse, because; I think...she see's me sucking cock.
(By the way, I gag at draining pasta)
I work with this cool woman...let's say her name is Kim (inside joke)
She has this like ; magna cum laude Angel-Dar.
I would never, as Joyce states "don't delude yourself."
But I have to say, I told my little "Charlie's Angels" crew about her and they are freaking jealous!
I told Donna. "Listen...I'll be history pretty soon; you guys will all meet up at the wake. And then you will all be friends."
Kind of like the 9/11 widows but with less money, and she laughed.
She knew my prophecy was true.
Anyway, "Kim" is positive. The kind of person I need in my life. And she is not here for me. Because, I require zero.
I hope to be a special moment in "Kim's" life.

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