Monday, June 27, 2005

Assisted living in Florida...

And I do not mean the old people. It is so fucked up here in the sober house. The front driveway is littered with cars ranging from a Lexus to Mercedes Benz to a new F150 with drop down Video screens. It is three of these roommates who do not work. They sit at "home" waiting for the weekly check to get transferred into their bottomless accounts. While I'm waiting for my new job to start, I'm filling in my time by working at a place called Labor Finders which pays roughly $6.50 an hour. And it's freaking slave labor. Like, pyramid building slave labor, as a matter of fact I'm going to spell it like the British; Slave Labour, because the dollar is so bad there in the UK.
We are all supposed to have jobs here, but since these guys are paying every week it's not pressed. Last week, this one guy who is 27 stated that he was going on his first job interview in his life; and in the supportive AA/NA fashion everyone clapped for him, half of us (the worker bees) half-heartedly. One freeloader constantly asks for cigarettes; this may sound petty, but he has never bought a pack in the two months since I have been here. He claims that if he buys a pack, he will smoke them all. I always thought that was the objective of smoking; but instead, he feels better smoking all of mine. So now I carry a box of Marlboro's with only one in the pack stating that I only have one left whenever he asks me for one. Manipulator that he is, he said to me, "Well, your going to have to buy them anyway."
It's fun for these guys being sober for a week, it seems the gift to get is a DVD player. I must have forgot to register at Circuit City for these; I hope my moms reading this.
Boca Raton is filled with the most selfish, spoiled young adults that I have ever met. These are the CEO's of tomorrow based on the sweat and toil from their dads work. They will treat the workers such as ourselves like shit because that is all they know how to do based on shopping in malls with their mothers and seeing how these ladies who lunch treat the help. This is the greatest learning lesson I have experienced, having the clarity to witness the selfishness in this country some are losing their lives for.

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