Monday, June 27, 2005

a new hotty joined the house here in Delray, and the resident hottie is a little up in arms. He calls him "pretty boy" faceciously behind his back. Resident H is now threatened. He goes in his room and comes out with a knit hat on(p.s. it's Florida!) and then new Hottie comes out with a 1930's golf hat on. Resident H still wears the requisite boxers hanging out of his jeans while newer Hottie wears tighty whiteys hanging out of his jeans. If we were not all sober here I sense with all of my gaydar that these two would be going at it better than a Dirk Yates video. Posted by Hello

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Hephaestion said...

Hey, we want photos! Get that camera out! Or better yet, a videocam!