Friday, June 10, 2005

Is anyone buying this Tom Cruise bullshite? From Jossip...
Letterman completely stumped Holmes by asking her how she met the man with whom she's fallen so hopelessly, unconvincingly in love (in the mere six weeks since they've known each other, according to her count). Apparently, Cruise's sister/publicist hasn't yet vetted (pun unintentional) a story, since Holmes never answered the question, instead stammering out something about the incredible chemistry at their undisclosed first encounter, and eventually trying to burn up time with an endless anecdote about her misadventures swimming with dolphins. (With her man, of course. They're nothing if not sporty.) What sad souls.
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Hephaestion said...

I have long thought that Cruise could be gay. Maybe not, but he sure seems to be showing a whole lotta signs of closetry right now. And if you stay in the closet past age 40, which Cruise now is, you WILL go crazy.