Monday, June 06, 2005

The newest roommate joins the house and...Oops, he's gone

That's what it's been like here. A new guy just came here from Detox from heroin. He paid the $210.00 deposit and the first weeks rent. His luggage is bags with the hospitals name on it and he said he was going to get some groceries, and none of us have seen him since 1:30 this afternoon. He's 22.
Which reminds me. I have to take a picture of my laptop, because in some peoples eyes, it's manna from heaven. Like in the cartoons. You hear the sound ka-ching, as the eyeballs roll back to reveal two $ $ signs instead. I hope this landlord has renters insurance!

Is there something in the book of Revelations about the end of the world and non stop rain? 'Cause it's been raining like an Em-Effer for the last week. Great rains. With booming thunderstorms that wake you right out of sleep, and long, hard downpours that quell you back into sleep.
I've got to look for job #756 tomorrow. "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." That happens to be a lame-O phrase from AA. Although they have some cognizant ones, that one is a little piss poor.
A weirdorama thing happened to me today as I was waiting for yet another bus. I was standing in a shopping plaza with about 30 stores, but the one I was in front of was like a furniture store, with a mattress outside, as if to say to passing cars, "Hey, we sell Mattresses here!" So, I'm like standing there, and this car pulls up a few feet in front of me and the window lowers; and for some reason at that moment, I just said to myself,"uh-oh". It was a low to the ground car, and excuse my ignorance for not knowing models but it was one of those convertible BMW's or something like the r280 fifteen um C class or something. Anyway, the car is now inching towards me, and my thought now is, some old batalack is probably lost and needs directions. I'm standing on the sidewalk and I can see down into the car, and as the car is rolling closer I see a hand of a man, massaging his groin area. He peers his head over to me and says, "You know how much that is?" I look at his face and he is this like Grandaddy Guido. I'm like, "The Mattress?" Cause I'm confused. He pauses for a second and goes, "yeah." Like an idiot, I walk over to the mattress to see if there is a price on it (there wasn't) but now it hits me. Maybe he thought I was a hooker. Naw, I say. I look back at him, and he is still rubbing his freaking crotch, and he looks back at me, as if to say, "You fucking idiot" and he jets off. It was then that I was thinking, "hmmm?" I mean I would never do anything with Gramps, but it did make time go by faster while I was waiting to go home.


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