Thursday, June 02, 2005


Just finished reading two magazines cover to cover in my self imposed exile from the safe house, and only when I finished them did I realize that each cover sported a half of the Brad/Angelina duet. Brad, was on GQ, which I was forced to buy since it was the only thing that was not crap in the supermarket. Angelina was on Vanity Fair, which I always get pissed at myself for buying once one of the subscription cards falls out and I realize that I could get em' mailed to me at a dollar an issue. The reporter for Brad's interview seemed fair enough to him (I'm assuming the quotes from him where all correct) and he seemed to come off okay to me. I still can't recall any outstanding performance from him since T&L or Johnny Suede, but that's also saying that I haven't really seen many of his films anyway (Snatch was a good one also). As for Ms., she is a very intriguing woman whom I wouldn't mind interviewing. I think Brad exposed more about her generosity in GQ than VF did for Angie. And for these commitments that she provides to third world countries is very humane. According to Brad, Angelina basically makes these blockbuster like paychecks so she can give most of it away. Pretty cool.

On other fronts; my GAYDAR was completely in tune 6 or so months ago when The Real World Philly debuet. I had pegged this one Bo-Hunk Langdon as a closet case alchie (this is the pot calling the kettle black!) and I felt more would be reveled, if not now than in the near future. Check out TVGasm for a picture of a new underwear ad starring this high fiving horse punching (Smoking Gun) Rock Hudson.

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