Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Boycott Hot 97 New Yorkers

This stupid insensitive bitch who is a deejay here in New York played this lyrically hateful tsunami song crafted after "We are the World."
Racism has many colors and this one is a hip hop station making fun of Asians, with the idiot deejay piping in to call the stations news reader (who is Asian), "...(who) feels superior because she is Asian."
I bet you 10,000 bucks that if during the recent genocides in Africa, an Indie station or such would play something making fun of those atrocities, the station would be burned to the ground.

But, you know what, an Indie station would never do that. We, (lovers of Indie) are pacifists, and it would not even enter our "mortal coils."
I implore all New Yorkers who listen to this asshole station or who are forced to listen to it as I was when I worked at this stupid restaurant, to turn the dial.
Here's a link from the Daily News.

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Pickaboo said...

What happened left us, Asians completely devastated.
:( How can one make a mockery out of this?