Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Most Disturbing Documentary Ever...

Please people...You will cringe, you will yell at the television. I implore you to catch this show on HBO called, "Living Dolls:The Making of a Child Beauty Queen." I will give you a few bullet points detailing this flesh crawling debacle.
  • A 0-18 month category, where mothers fashion their hairless kids with wiglets.
  • A creepy emcee serenading the girls face to face with a pedophilia song.
  • Two extremely queenie pageant stylists, whose own daughter is the reigning queen.
  • A mother who cares more about the circuit then her her son going to jail.
  • 5 year old girls performing routines based on stripper acts.
  • Pageant Moms who do not have daughters so they enter their sons.
  • A 6 year old girl's singing,"Lipstick on your collar" and "Where is Love."

It is so hard to capsulize this disgusting display of acid wash wearing, overweight parents who chain smoke and shell out hundreds of dollars to win a $500 or $1000 savings bond, that will mature in 2020. It's sickening.


mickeyitaliano said...

I saw this also...Totally Creepy. It's been on a coupla years.

bunny said...

That was one of the best and most disturbing documentaries ever. The whole industry is based on pedophilia, and if those reprobates who make money off it can't see that - I shudder.