Thursday, January 20, 2005

There is something Fishy going on

I'm a chef. I'm a waiter. I'm a manager as well. I have worked in every single position in the restaurant business. I singlehandedly ran the coolest place in LA for a month while the owner was in Ireland. I'm 38, and if you check my pix a couple of posts down, I'm not a horror. Having just moved home to NY, I decided to go the Craig's List route of getting a job. I kind of wanted a no brainer job that made decent money, cause I'm working on my soon to be failed scripts. i say soon to be failed, not for lack of confidence, but for lack of confidence in the viewing public.
I saw a couple of jobbies on Craig's List that were cool, but each one wanted me to send a picture. WTF?
I played the advocate of the demon.

I sent my pix. Zero replies. With my pix, I sent my resume which is killer. tick tock tick tock. Nothing.
I then decided to test my journalistic license. I went to LA models and downloaded a picture of, what seemed to be a third world girl.
I call her Irena. Based on a fabulous worker bee I knew from years past.
I made up a fake resume, which lacked any real jobs in the service industry, and (people) my email is jammed. The owner wants to meet me. When can I interview? When can i start? Some secretary actually typed me a letter that, the owner wants to buy me dinner.
This restaurant chain is Pershing Square and The River Cafe, et al. This is so bogus.

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