Friday, January 07, 2005


I'm watching this movie with Billy Crudup, whom I really admired since he basically began his career. I always feel like I have discovered people and then you will see their fame meter rise and you (meaning me) start to feel like you (meaning me) had something to do with it. I remember taking my friend Brian to see Jesus' Son, starring Billy C, and Brian was like, "wow, that guy was great. What's he been in?" I was also psyched because I loved the book and when I heard he was cast in it, I couldn't wait for the release. I also figured that would be the end to his obscure career due to the fact that the book was so good and now everyone will see how he is going to tackle this great role and then the next thing is, he will probably be in a Jerry Bruckhiemer (sp) film.

Well, Jesus' Son played at The Sunset Five for about a week and disappeared. It was too arty for the masses, I guess. At about the same time, I had heard that Billy C. was dating one of my favs., Mary Louise Parker. She was golden to me. I had begun a similar relationship with her (discovering) when I had first seen her in Longtime Companion, and then followed up on her in basically everything else. I thought I was going to lose her as well to the masses when she was in Fried Green Tomatoes, but focuses basically went out to Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. So, I got to see M.L.P. in the street and Off-Broadway, and that was cool. Now, she was dating another cool person. It would sort of be like, The Runaways opening up for Pearl Jam for me in terms of great double-bills.

When, M.L.P. won a Tony for Proof, Billy C. was right by her side and he looked so proud. I taped it. I then heard that she was pregnant. So, here is this cool couple for like 6 years and now they are having this kid together. What a good looking kid it will be.

When M.L.P. was seven/eight months pregnant, Billy C. was being spotted everywhere with Claire Danes. Speculation, I felt is what the gossip scribes were printing. Billy C. and Claire Danes had just finished a movie, and I'm sure they were just being spotted hanging out together after junkets and Press stuff.

M.L.P. and Billy C. split up. She had the baby and she won a few awards for her part in Angels in America. The Billy C. and Claire Danes movie went nowhere.

The reason why I started this post is because I was watching Billy C. in a movie, and when I first saw his name under the credits for this film I had never heard of (World Traveler) I instinctively went for the remote, to tune in. But then I thought about him leaving M.L.P. high and dry at eight months pregnant and I thought I would catch a rerun of Monk instead. Pledging my allegiance for M.L.P. I feel like he let me down, like so many of the men in my life so often do.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have called it quits it was just revealed.

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