Saturday, January 08, 2005

So arrest me...

Let me start by saying I have seen probably 2,000 movies. Okay, that's out of the way.
Did you ever see a movie, like maybe after it's been out on video for about ten years? It's the one video you always pick up in the store, but end up picking up something else instead while it's a hot release. After that it gets relegated to the $1 a day rentals and gets glanced over in your eyesight along with 100's of other titles, all of which you are not in the mood for and you end up leaving the store empty handed.
There's a funny comedian, Jim Gaffigan. He does some acting as well. He looks like Phillip Seymore Hoffman a bit. Anyway, Jim does this funny bit, sort of what I was speaking about up above. He's like," Did you ever see a film on cable that is five years old? And you really liked it, but you can't just bring it up in a conversation with a friend, like, hey...that Donnie Brasco was really good,huh"(My apologies Jim for completely ruining your bit).
I'm a total television junkie. I often give up a movie I may want to see in exchange for a good repeat of Frasier if they both start at the same time. A lot of the time I feel comforted by familiarity, just leaving the tellie on as a sort of white noise. I have these homemade Simpson tapes that have like 20 edited shows on each tape, and since I am insomniac, I often pop them in when I'm ready to sleep. I get in my fetal position with my head away from the television as the videos play on and on. I don't need to see the faces or the screen because it's all familiar to me. I can basically do the animation in my head and finally fall asleep.
Last night, I had basically done everything I needed to do, and I actually was going to just lay down and watch television as I played Cubis on MSNgames. I can't just watch, I need something else. I need my brain to be doing as many things possible. And when it involves television, one of them challenging.
So, in conclusion. Have you ever seen The Usual Suspects? Wow that was good.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the same way!!!!!!!This just happened with me, with "The Girl with the Pearl Earing"