Monday, January 17, 2005

The dis-Like,strongly list... series 1

Sarah, doofus of York Ferguson.
This hard partying frat girl is dead to me. Dead.
It all started about a year ago when she was on Conan. She obviously had never seen his show before. She rolled her eyes and was looking at the audience as if to say, "Is it me?" She didn't realize that everyone in the audience were Coneheads.
The other day, to make up for her nephews poor judgment in a costume, she told the few people asking her that Harry "would make his mother proud." Is this chick snorting coke through dirty Five Dollar Bills?
Now, she shows up at all these Hollywood Events. I just checked Getty Galleries and she was there. And her picture was the same as ever. That deer in the headlights look, with her buck teeth shooting out of her mouth as if to say, you are shooting me? That wide eyed surprised look. Weight or no weight, she belongs on the Fug Girls list of fugliest has been commentator, presenter, star f*cker, ever. if only she was Canadian, I would hate her more.

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