Thursday, January 20, 2005

Not that there is anything wrong with it...

Yup, I'm gay. Every cliche aside, do you define yourself on your sexual prowness?
It's so weird. people are so intrigued by us..The few, the proud, the (hiccup) 10%.
I tried to read a message board on my favorite show, Project Runway, yet I was blinded by idiotic speculations on who was gay or not. These closet cases are ruining this country. They are so afraid to face up to their own sexuality that they cause an uproar of like minded speculating assholes.
I don't read Paglia enough to see if she has a say on this.
There are so many repressed assholes that are ruining this counry.
I had a roomate in college who was so fucked up by his religion, that instead of facing any facts, he drew a machete on me while I was sleeping. And the kicker is, as far as he knew...I was straight. I tell my Republican Brother (whom I love) that I am moving to Holland, and he laughs. Yet, I have never seen a city so friendly with one another.

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you are hot dude