Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Not a Method Actor

Good for my man Leo for not being like the notorious real life miser he is currently portraying. I bet PR people and agents are ambivalent about suggesting there clients follow thru like Mr. DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock have done in the last days for fear of their own bottom feeding fees going bye-bye with the sizable checks these two have written. Yah know, I work around a lot of struggling actor/model/dancer/waiter types, and when I hear people discuss Leo D., the unwarranted disdain they have for him can only be construed as jealousy. I love getting in my two cents in these conversations and sticking up for this guy. Marvins Room. This Boy's Life. Catch Me if You Can. (Just to name three out of the seven of my favorites he has done). If any of these "waiting" for the miracle to happen people I work with could ever build a body of work a tenth as good as those three movies...
You might be thinking to yourself, "I think MickeyItaliano may have a crush on him", well; I don't. I just have to give credit where credit is due.

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