Saturday, January 01, 2005


I spent New Years Eve home alone...In Manhattan no less.
I watched S.V.U. till Elizabeth Rohm begged for Bobby Flay. Then I watched Bravo. I swear, I thought it was the 100 scariest movie mommies, but it was movie moments...Bravo turned straight from 4-5 am. The Actor's Studio was on next, and if James Lipton is not the scariest "uncle" in the perv field, I don't know who else could fill those boxers.
Have you ever heard him go on about Michele Phiefer? It's sick, he goes on to ask anyone who has worked with her, what it was like, as he wriggles in his chair with glee. Another thing about this show that pisses me off are the scores of people who should have been on before we get a Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Lopez...How bout Judy Davis? Toni Collette? Lili Taylor? PARKER POSEY! Did you ever see the students on that show? They have more in common with the latter than the former. Even the Charles Nelson Riley/James Lipton(Alec Baldwin/Will Ferrell) SNL skit was more believable than asking JLo what it was like making Anaconda!

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