Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Project Runway...

I know there are other sites that review reality shows and all, so why should my recap warrant any merit?
When 40 is closer than 22 and you see something that makes you say, "God, that was my calling, is it too late to try my hand at this?"
When I was younger(9-13), I use to draw these pictures of movie stars at an awards show. They were presenting, you know, opening the envelope with a bubble cloud saying, "And the winner is..."
I would draw these because I was a freaking lover of all things celebrity and I would be so enamored of the dresses these actresses would wear at these award shows. I loved to design the gowns that I had my muse, Tina Louise wearing at all these functions. I loved drawing cleavage and designing plunging necklines, yet I had other talents as well, and it is with those that I followed.
I'd love to know what Project Runway elicits in others non prejudiced like me.
Eight designers were back last night as they chose their model before the challenge was relayed, which was to design a wedding dress for the model. The model would be the client. The models age in range from about 16 to 23. This collaboration could actually be good since the girls are young enough (read: not jaded un-married 35 year olds) to know what their wedding dress of her dreams may be, and fashionable enough from the industry to think outside the box.
I found Melissa to be so endearing, knowing exactually what she wanted as she described her design to Nora, whom you may remember as the erratic faux hawked non-team member of last week. The project went forward as the designers shopped for materials and went back to design. That evening the whole crew went out to The Cutting Room were they let their hair down. I wish we could have seen more of them hanging out, but the overall impression was that everyone thought that Robert Plotkin, the designer who is skating by on his looks, really wants to bed Alexandra, the enigma. As Robert puts it, "she is a nice specimen." Dan Renzi, of How was your day, Dan states that he would put Robert on a stick and lick him like a popsicle. Cut to Robert trying to execute a lame ass flip on some scaffolding and falling three feet and cracking his head. His true prima donna showed when despite the blood and brains, he was only concerned about the hospital shaving his hair off.
The Runway show began. Wendys blah. Roberts eh. Jays sleek and minimal yet "morganza" could not strut her strut in it because of it's Moticia Adaams like tightness. Kara Saun...Awesome. Jenny, the model glowed in it. Alex' was very Palm Beach meets the Great Gatsby. Austin Scarlett O'Hara's was putrid, absolutely horrible. As Michael Kors (designer who rumor has it had a penal implant a few years back) stated, "Even if you were getting married in a loft in Williamsburg, you would not wear this." Kevin's model was crying because the dress had no lining and she itched, she still looked beautiful. And then there was Nora, whose dress was pretty but looked straight off the rack from David's Bridal. Melissa, I may add, looked gorgeous and she had a beautiful radiance to her. When it boiled down to four designers, one being the winner and one the loser, Kara Saun deservingly so being the former and Nora the latter. Oh, my dear little Nora. Last week you bet the viewing public you would not cry if you were to be eliminated. Yet, the crocodile tears you shed at the end must have been karma biting you in the ass. You behaved like an immature college brat last week, and although you are a just graduated woman, you need a lot to learn about team work, gossiping, and having an appropriate agenda to succeed. Can't wait for next week where the designers have six hours to make something, and we also see them away from their sewing machines and out on the town again.

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