Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cheers and Jeers

  • Twatsy Kendra and future abused husband Freddy won The Amazing Race last night. Beating out the extremely likable (and lickable) Kris and John.

  • Project Runway Tonight: Deliver us from Wendy...please! (Based on how I fare in deciding these Reality outcomes, I am probably wrong).

  • Today is Ash Wednesday. For those lazy Catholics out there, word to the wise; rubbing your thumb in an ashtray to avoid those long lines of lapsed church goers getting ashes does not work. If you happen to have any drawing charcoal, that works better. Don't forget to wash your thumb afterwards. Also, for those heretics out there, this is the time of year, Christians give something up for "Lent" (40 days and 40 nights). Abstaining from Sour Cream flavored Dorittos as opposed to Nacho Cheese does not cut it.

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