Sunday, February 20, 2005

'Project Runway" on SNL

SNL was actually funny last night...You had to stay up until 12:53am to catch a hilarious sendup of "Project Runway." Host Hillary Swank did a great job as Heidi Klum and Rachel Dratch captures Wendy amazingly. Sorry the pictures are a little shoddy, I do not know anything about screencaps, so I took a digital pix off of my TV. They even had the Jay character saying in true Jay fashion, "This project eats my ass." kudos to Swank who was in every sketch and was great, and for fear of being shanked, I'll reserve my comments on musical guest, 50 cent. Posted by Hello

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Serge & Bacchus said...

Thanks for the screen caps! I can't wait to catch this on a rerun.