Monday, February 14, 2005

plain and peanuts

  • I kinda get misty eyed when the Emmy's, SAGS et al pay tribute to the passed away others. I don't know where I was at the time, but I had no idea that Wheezie jefferson died. Poor thing. I then saw the name "Paul Winfield." I totally knew this guy, but from what, I could not tell. I checked IMDB and as I scrolled down,Ii realized it. Paul Winfield is the GREAT VOICE of A&E 's, "City Confidential; that great show which highlights the town and then highlights the murder. R.I.P. Paul...

  • Hot from asking Mandy Moore to name "3 carbs", Kathy Griffen is back (side note: at the club in LA I worked at; she came on stage and told of her death defying days of Lipo.). Kathy did not dissappoint...She asked a Christian Rocker to , "stop looking at her rack," and she asked Maroon 5 how many hoe's they were hording in their posse.

  • Check out Page Six, Six, Six for this awesome picture of Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend. Does anyone remember Mason Reese (the "Underwood Deviled Ham" spokeskid?)


Perez Hilton said...

I was too drunk to remember specifics, but my highlights of Kathy were when she asked Joss Stone whom she was looking forward to seeing lipsynch (and then they took out the audion), and then she asked someone else about being drunk. Modest Mouse! Yes, them. Float on.

And sail away!



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