Saturday, February 19, 2005

Top Ten Slogans for the new GAY BEER

Top Ten Slogans For The New Gay Beer
10. For guys who don't like Busch.
9. Cold as a mountain stream, gay as a picnic basket!
8. For all the gay stuff you do, this beer's for you.
7. Made with the finest gay hops and barley.
6. Toss one back, and while you're at it have a beer.
5. The perfect drink for spending the afternoon watching "Trading Spaces" with the guys.
4. Come out of the closet and head for the mountains.
3. Wreck your liver and your marriage!
2. Drink until you can see "straight".
1. The Queen of beers.

From "Late Night w/ David Letterman", feb.08, 2005

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