Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm a big fag

There are too many clues. I love the Gilmore Girls. I love the guy in the Listerine Commercial who gargles for 30 seconds. Megan Mullaly makes me laugh, and i am so self depricating that i can't stand both Will and Jack. I would probably put aside my fear of lakes to swim across one laden with snakes and water moccasins if Tom Welling were on the other side. I don't high five. I cry at movies. We are talking, "Sponge Bob." My four best friends are women, who each have their own crisis' that i live vicariously through. i have the best gaydar in the world. Vin Diesel...GAY! If someone utters the words, "Eat Dinner and Olive Garden" in the same sentence, they are History. I would probably take my mother to the Academy Awards, given the chance. More to follow.


Pantheon_Zeus said...

love your site and humour.

Just Jack haters unite!

check in for our latest bile files

... said...

But I like the Olive Garden!!!