Saturday, February 12, 2005


This is great...The Tara Reid/Christian Slater movie "Alone in the Dark" grossed 400K on 2,200 screens last week. That is approximately $25 dollars per day in each theater (sometimes 4 showings per day), narrowing it down to one customer per showing.

The Grammy's tomorrow night...David Sedaris is up for 2 awards...Everything else has predictability written all over it. Hopefully Kathy Griffen provides some comic relief.

When some high priced Dr. Feelgood has the authority to write a prescription for anything. Matthew Perry rushed to hospital after an excessive amount of Rx "barbituates" are found in his bloodstream.

Feel like vegging out? Check out "Sweet Relief: The Songs of Victoria Williams." This nugget was on heavy rotation for me in 92-94. It's still as fresh, with standout tracks from Evan Dando, Lucinda Williams, Pearl Jam and Matthew Sweet.

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