Saturday, February 05, 2005

SAG Awards wrapup...the glamour, the ditz

I would take TWO Melissa Rivers and a Joan over Star "I'm Blessed" Jones for the Pre-Show on E!, who also dropped the ball by not hiring back Kathy Griffen. Instead, we have this Giana Something or other who resembles a Q-Tip. The show starts with Annette Benning presenting. What's with that hairdo? She used to resemble the lady holding up the torch in the beginning of Columbia Pictures films, now she looks like Clay Aiken. Glenn Close won for TV Drama Movie Actress beating out Iron Jawed Angel Hillary Swank and gorgeous Charlize Theron. Kyra Sedgwick came out next as a presenter for Drama Male TV Movie. At least SAG does not go for the obvious as presenters. Geoffrey Rush won for his great performance in "Peter Sellers..." Rush's wife showed a wee bit more enthusiasm than when her husband won at The Golden Globes stifling a yawn and offering up her cheek for a peck. What a drip. Bland and blander Kiefer Southerland and Rosario Dawson presented Supporting Female Motion Pix. This was a juggling act for me. I was torn between Virginia Madsen and my two forerunners, Laura Linney and Cate Blanchett. Both of whom I absoutey would not hesitate to pay to see opening a can of creamed corn. Cate B. won. Yeah. John Romajn Stamos and Teri Polo awarded Tony Schaloub with Best Male Comedy Star, beating out Sean "Just Jack" Hayes and Ray Romano among others. Sandra Oh and Anthony LaPaglia presented next (read above sentence on presenters) for Best Female Television Comedy. Megan Mullaly (best clip), and a very pretty SJParker were among the nominees along with "No one in the SAG awards Loves Raymond this year", Patricia Heaton. Teri Hatcher won. I love Megan M., but I think W&G lost their stuff. Paul Giamatti came out to thunderous applause to show a clip for "Sideways". Ellen De came out to award best ensemble Television Comedy. Once again, no one loved Raymond, Sex and the City was left playing with themselves and Will needed to say more than Grace to win. Desperate Housewives won. I want to take the time right now to berate dinosaur gossipist Liz "Fat Old Dyke" Smith. A few months ago she said in her column that DH and Knots Landing Alumni Nicolette Sheridan looked "transgendered". This Texas carpet muncher, who came out of the closet when she was 70 has the nerve to say this. Nicolette looked gorgeous. She has a real woman's body and she is a fox for a 41 year old and having no surgery.
After a tribute to James Garner, the acting president of SAG came out. Hey, it's half pint from "Litte House...", whom you may remember had a knock down drag em out fight with Rhoda Morgenstern over this position. Well, haf pint has some jugs these days. Next up, the brilliant Kate Winslet gave Morgan Freeman the award for Best Supporting Male Film Star, whom it's hard to believe this was his first win. Laura Linney came next to introduce a nicely put together tribute to all the actors who have died this year. I got pretty chocked up when they flashed Jerry Orbachs name and he received a rousing applause on par with what Johnny Carson received. I miss Lenny Briscoe and his great one liners. Next up was "Just Jack" to announce the Best Lead Female Drama Television. Freaking Jennifer Garner beat out Adrianna! Drea DeMatteo was robbed. Gandofini and the ensemble for The Soprano's then lost out to Jerry Orbach (yeah!) and the CSI cast. Hillary Swank then received her Best Actress award from Johnny Depp. I feel as though Swank is worthy and all, but I think if more people saw Kate Winslett in "Eternal Sunshine" it would be a closer race. Charlize came on next and presented Jamie Foxx (fake name) the Best Actor award. There was a good shot of Leo Di while this was going on. Jaime tried to get the audience into this Ray Charles sing along, and just when it was the audiences part to go, "Hey-ey", Leo picked up his wine glass. I'm sure he was like, "Fuck that shit..." Sideways won Best Movie Ensemble (well deserved), and then, the show was over. A nice, concise 2 hours including commercials of self congratulatory awards.


MusicVideoz said...

Dude! Im so glad Jerry got the award...I'm gonna miss all his sassy wisecracks and who knew he was the candle stick in beauty and the beast? CRAZY!

And then Mariska Hargitay got her Golden Globe..yay for law and order peeps! wooliwoo

bunny said...

Good Lord, man, you have really covered things! I have the biggest girl crush on Sandra Oh.