Friday, February 11, 2005

Man..."Joey" sucks. I know this show is like, 6 months old. I dig Drea De Matteo and when I worked at UTA (talent agency) we repped the son, Paolo...I mean "good fortune" to them all, but the show sucks. It's like they are 4 seconds behind the laugh track. And too boot, my friend, former work partner, (from Canistano's) Jennifer Coolidge is in this show. I'm really glad she is scoring a hefty paycheck, sitcoms are the mother lode! Posted by Hello


Perez Hilton said...

Is Jennifer still living in the former Chinese embassy??

Pantheon_Zeus said...

I could watch Joey's nephew's crooked mouth for days...cutie!

he shows some skin (in gay role) in Gypsy '83 (a fun netflix choice)

Joey is a half-tard.