Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dam it Debra Messing

I really like this woman. But who told her she could carry a film? And then they drag under-used actor Dermot Mulrooney into the fray. Now poor Debra is going to be ducking her head,because this film is going to be in and out of theaters faster than you can say, From Justin to Kelly. Poor Dermot, with that great name, great nose, awesome wife and I'm sure an 11 shoe size he has to make this "My Best Friends Wedding" Part Awful.
I like Debra's comedic talents, and i rank her right next to Megan Mellally. I'm not a big Will fan (I have a thing with Canadians, I hate them. too strong). I like Jack (the charactor) but I would never be friends with this guy for more than a minute. I have no money.
"The Wedding Date" looks like a loss. Remember Joey Tribiani's movie, "Ed"?

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donna said...

again, am i the only reading this, and by the way i too love debra messing, and love whats his name, the one who plays her beau, and god bless us hopefully he has a size 13 foot, and again, i am the only one commenting, i guess i should get a life, and by the way mickeyitaliano, dare i tell your age..................