Monday, February 21, 2005

What is a co-incedance?

I'm folding clothes to put in luggage to go to South Florida for a bit. Two suitcases...One way ticket. I leave Sat.
Thinking of Joyce; my J.A.P.PY friend whom I will be living near. She buys me stuff which I always secretly want but vocally deny her buying for me, yet she does. I'm bringing two of each, black and denim jeans. Lot's of shirts. And as I hear myself telling her in my mind; it's good to be this minimal. She that second. An hour later...I'm cleaning my pad so as to get the full deposit back. I'm packing shit into a duffel that I will stow at my Mom's. A roll of film pops out. The mystery roll lisa and I took driving cross country, 5 years ago. I think of lovely Lisa for a moment, and VOW to get this roll developed. I had not spoken to Lisa in over a year. She got me that job as a bartender at that boss of hers' new place, where I got SMASHED on my first night, cause all the patrons bought be Jaeggers. Little me with his tail between his legs decides to never face her or the boss again from fear of repercussions. I stop taking her calls, forever. the embarrassment, the shame, she stopped calling over a year ago. She is not the best phoner, either. Let's backtrack...Zero to 30 seconds after the film has rolled on the floor. The phone rings. I read the name on the caller id and it's Lisa. I love stuff like this.

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"the" Mrs. Astor said...

And JUST are you going mr italiano?