Saturday, October 21, 2006

6 degrees of Kevin Bacon

I think it was 1993 or 4 that I worked at 'The Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villa's.' I started by being a room service order taker (great stories) and then I was moved up to 'private villa butler.' We had 6 villa's (condo's) wherein people (uber money) rented these out for months at a time while they were filming whatever. I was the 'liaison' between the manager/handler and the hotel. They went to me first. It was weird and fun. If Al Pacino called at 3:30 am and asked for a 'bloody Caesar', I was there. I was on call all the time.
Linda Perry checked in. She was from 'Four non Blondes' fame. "Hey, hey...What's going on"
She was so cool. I sat there in my starched white chef coat thing which I was required to wear as she strummed acoustic, with her gorgeous voice. Back then she was sporting those nasty dreadlocks. Hey, she was a lesbian in a mans world.
She has worked with C. Aguliera and others, but most noteworthy is the work she is doing with Courtney Love.
Right after I left this job (heh), Courtney checked in and had a huge fight with Trent Reznor. Dam. I missed this.
I can go on print by saying 'America's Sweetheart' (courtney's first solo) is not as bad as every disector makes it out to be.
I guess you have to love the voice first, ya know.
She's no Dusty S.
I bought the 'teenage whore' album on whim. A whim that took me to Hackensack since Bleeker Bob's did not have it.
I am loving the new Courtney, I just can not put to much faith in her, because I lack faith in myself these days.

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