Friday, October 27, 2006

Songs from my Funeral CD Pt. I

I don't have a will, nor a life insurance policy. I have no bequeeths (sp) except that I hope someone does something with my one in my family 'reads'. With that said, I have been making CD's to play at my "Fischer Funeral Home" when I croak. This first song I am enlightening to you is sadly, a song Karen Carpenter sang. Not like, "oh, I'm too cool for "The Carpenters", but more like, they were cooler than you think." Karen was singing all these songs of despair and gloominess and making them Top Ten Hits. (Rainy Days, anyone)
It's called "A Song For You" as sung by the ineffable Dusty Springfield from "Dusty in Memphis". I use to have this two line verse as my voice message: "And when my life is over, remember when we were together...we were alone and now I'm singing this song for you."
Nuff said.
P.S. I tried to find the link to ITunes, but (cough) I am too weak. Love, mickey

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