Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Wake me up before you go-go"

I have been a complete insomniac lately.
Money/Job problems. Same shit, different day.
This past week, I believe i slept a total of 15 hours. 7 days.
Joyce called; she made a windfall in India. She is lending me 500 clams.
On Friday (the day of the phone call) I slept 17 hours straight. It was right before 'Judge Judy', at like 3:58 pm (EST).
I like familiar voices to fall asleep to...The guy from 'American Justice' is the best. NPR is good as well as BBC News.
Tonight, after watching SNL, I fell asleep. I knew that 'Evening @ The Apallo' was next, so I changed the channel towards something that ran for like 3 hours and would not irk me.
MSNBC. I know. Lot's of commercials. But I thought it would be 'white noise' for me. Until. Until, this report on San Quentin or whatever. Then this jailbird starts to sing. I was like half awake and waiting for it to end. It did not. I finally woke and just clicked to Nickolodean. I hate r&B to begin with, and now to have it subjected upon me, REM cycle, is not fair. I clicked back, and this dude is still going on.
Lesson: R&B sucks and every person who bought a Mariah or R.Kelly CD should be tatooed.

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Bart said...

don't you miss the days when they would repeat 70s made for tv movies at, like, 12:20 AM at night...