Sunday, October 15, 2006

That's some rough shit

60 Minutes had a great piece tonight on the Duke lacrosse players who were accused of raping the stripper they invited over. Because of the racial make up of Dukes surrounding areas (mostly black-low income) juxtaposed by the students families (rich-mostly white), a witch hunt was brought on by the state and the media. No one realized an over zealous D.A., lack of evidence and the credibility of the stripper in question was as newsworthy as headlines about spoiled white frat boys and rape.
Ed Bradley also talked to the other stripper who denies any of this happened. I love the timed photo's they show that one of the players took of the stripper passed out by their door. Of the injuries she claims she sustained but were visible before the alleged attack in the photos. Of her swinging on a pole 2 weeks afterwards.
This was a great journalistic investigation.
One thing that made me wonder was when the DA was asked about the lack of DNA evidence, he said; "...We did not have DNA 20 years ago and we handled these cases..." Yeah, did they not use to hang people 60 years ago for this kind of thing, based soley on accusations?
Rape is serious, I know, and I know the statistics and I fear for my niece. But I feel that besmirching three guys names is just as worse. Posted by Picasa

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