Friday, October 27, 2006

Lacking Iron; Chef

Here's a little note to all you 'culinista's'...I have just discovered the spice 'sage'...I have only used it in the past with stuffing recipe's. Recently, when I went to the .99 store to stock up on spices (because you are a fucking sucka if you buy spices in Pathmark @ 3.99) and Sage was one of the ones I threw in for the hell of it. Today, I was like 'starvin' Marvin who just smoked a huge jay. I had these chicken breasts defrosted and I rolled them in 60% sage, 10% white pepper and some Kosher salt (the 30% missing consisted of paprika, garlic powder and fresh parsley). I then wet the breasts (kind of salacious) and pressed them in this mixture and then sauteed them in half butter/half olive oil. It was awesome. I swear. If I was an entertainer like Amy Sedaris or Martha, I would have made a sauce, but this chicken; on the great bread I just bought from Sullivan Street Bakery was amazing. I also see some lemon rind in this recipe as well for the future.

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