Friday, October 27, 2006

Maybe I'm Amazed

Does anyone really ccare about Paul McCartney anymore? He is on this A&E Special. God, I hope it was like; some A&E stupid production manager , who got a call (from aul's peeps)and said Mrs.Doutfire was going to do a concert and then they blew the whole load on this crap. Besides his stupid ex-wife and the gossip these days, who wants to see a man who still is living in the Gilligan phase? Granted, he had some okay stuff with the 'Wings', but fucking give it up already. He feels that everytime he strums on a guitar, girls are going "Ahhhhhh."
No, kind of suck, and your audience is now filled up by "Tiger Beat" fatties from the mid-west who had no balls to come to NY for the Shea concert.

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