Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Famous Mouse + Anne Bancrofts real last name

I was on this game show in 2001 called "Smush." It was awful, but I won 4 G's. In Los Angeles,
the LA Weekly (like the Village Voice's sister) lists all these contestant opportunities in the jobs section. If you know me by now, you know I am constantly perusing these pages.
"Smush" was this idiotic show where you combine the answers to clues to come up with a cognizant answer. i.e: "comic strip character w/ Hobbes and 'Fish Called Wanda' star"
answer: Calvin Kline
What do you want? It was on the USA Network and hsted by a former MTV guy (Ken Ober).
Anyway, pre-production I told my competitors that I Don't High 5. Isn't that fucking hysterical! I was like; "No, I don't high 5." I think I 'smushed' knuckles with them(fist like).
The reason why I am bringing this up is because I have been seeing these promo's on Bravo for "Top Chef."
I do not care how giddy I might be to be on a reality show (not much; I'd just want to win) but I would never, ever, be seen doing some idiotic dance, or sitting in a gigantic kettle or looking like a complete asshole.
When i went for the second callback for this show, this ditzy blonde 'producer' told me to come back with 'a secret'...Stupid Whore.
Now, one of the contestants is like 'outing' himself in his promo. WTF does this have to do with cooking?
This show looks like the frigging bus from "Speed"...An Asian, A Pakastani, A gay, A black, A hottie guy w/ facial hair, A slutty chick, The Mad Lesbian et al.
Central Casting would have been easier.
Sometimes when you calculate something too much, it could fail.

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