Monday, October 23, 2006

Job #312

When i lived in Miami beach, I worked @ this Youth Hostel. It was the second greatest job in my life. I met people from every country.
Being Italian by insemination, I had an affinity to these T.O.N.Y.'s
The thing is; everyone(Japanese, German, French et al) knew a little English, but it seems all these Italians were like goats in the road.
I honestly prayed for them and their safety. They were like "We go to Hialeah", and I'm like "NO" you will get killed.
I am smiling so much this morning because I just downloaded a compalation ofPearl Jams greatest hits in Europe. One stop was Bologna, Italy and they(the Italians) sang/knew every song. Fast forward to me bawling.

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