Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Please watch "Child Star Confidential" on E! if you get the chance.
Besides this, the other morning I woke up at like 6am and there was a show on A&E about child stars. It was like a round table with child stars ranging from 20-70. It was so riveting. Kim Fields (Tootie-"Facts of Life") really stole my heart.
I have to be home today because of some dental work.
E! was on in the dentists' office with this show.
I know we are all tragic, but it is kind of soothing when you hear of someone with beacoup bucks going through the same thing.
I never watched 'Baywatch' , but the kid who was Hasslehoff's son on the show was FUCKED up.
As per Los Angeles, Crystal Meth made him a mess. Jeremy Jackson is his name, and actually, he's kind of hunky.

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