Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"So, you like rollerskating..."

One of my favorite 'Simpsons' episodes is when Lisa thinks she is Fugly. She is getting this caricarture done, and the guy is like, "You like rollerskating right? Everybody likes rollerskating." Obviously it was the only thing he could draw.
Is it me or are people just caricatures of there lives these days.
A couple of years back there was this commercial wherein this studly guy drove up in a Vette or something. The women in the background saying something about his over compensating. It got a lot of press.
These days, I look around, and it's like no one has any identity. White boys trying to be black. Asian chicks trying to be white/black. Grandpa homos trying to be young. And it's all in the same vein. Advertisement. If I was on 'Survivor' and was naked for a month straight and then I found an Abercrombie shirt, I would not wear it.
I wanna upchuck every time I log onto a guy who I may want to meet and he's sporting some 'Sexyback' (barf) look. Grow the fuck up.
When I sometimes want to comment on sites, I read the previous posts and then I sign off. These are people I do not want to be around. I'm such a cunt. I know.
I made light of this earlier in a post entitled: "What not to do do when you pose for a personal ad picture." (I think #1 was: don't throw gang signs).
I'm so unsure of the world today. The people running it, the people advertising it and the people profiting off it. I'm a cynical twat and i apologize to any woman reading this, I am using the word twat like the Irish...Meaning...Absolute asshole.
You know what sucks the most? I have kept my INTEGRITY for 20 plus years and here I am bitching about it.

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