Saturday, October 07, 2006

PrePubescent Crushes Pt.II

This is Glynnis O'Connor. I first became aware of her when she starred with Robbie Benson in a movie called "Jeremy" and then a year or so later, in the amazing "Ode to Billie Joe." I totally loved her because of the characters she played and then her hat trick came the next year with "Boy in the Plastic Bubble."
She kind of disappeared off the radar after that, at least to me.
I was thinking of her when I did the 'Robbie Douglas' post yesterday, and two hours later I was watching L&O and; she was on. (I don't get freaked out by these synchronisities anymore, I just wish I could channel the lottery #'s).
Well Glynnis looked good, and I was glad to see her getting work. Posted by Picasa

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jacoffoalltrades said...

what was /is it about glynnis o'connor? i had this ginormous crush on her way back when. then one day that was overpowered by sam elliots lifeguarding librato.

what was it you saw her in recently?

great blog are one very thought provoking man. loved the shpiel on flossing. i remember those red pills.