Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Please excuse this commercial interuption

You must watch "House of Carter's."
I have no recollection of anything regarding "The Backstreet Boys" but I have to hand it to Nick Carter, besides hooking up with Paris Hilton; I'm totally digging him. He reminds me of my older brother in regards to keeping it together. This poor guy has his hands full.

Breast Cancer Update: Barbara (Babs) just called me. I text-ed her this am while I was giving up my top teeth as she was going in for her 2nd breast deal. The needle went in, and it drained. The Power of Prayer. This means she has cyst's (sounds kind of gross, I know) as oppossed to cancerous cell matter. I had tears coming down my face as she was telling me. Take two seconds to read about this woman. My age...foxy as hell. We kind of clicked with the angel world in a conversation. So, she baught this book last week and I'm sure it was to assuage her uneasy feelings of the breast thing. She calls me two hours later. "Listen"..."I just baught this book and I'm turning down basically every page because I'm reminded of you..."

There are great people in this world.

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