Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Mess before Materializing

My teeth are shot.
I may have said it here or in my journal. But for any of you younger ones out there, I have one word for you...

When the Italiano boys were young, we would have an interrupted class @ our school. It was some Dental Hygenist giving us these red pills (?) which showed where we had cavities. My teeth must have looked like I ate a box of red hots.
I believe in Gene's these days. I got every single 'BAD' gene and then some.

Hair loss...check (Moms dad...a cueball)
Homosexuality...check (Although this queen could be one of many from both sides; who was
Alcoholism...check...not many overt ones, yet I'm sure enough to make a gen-ome
Gingivitis...check (Mom and Dads side)

When I was only 24, I had this haircutter @ Astor Place(NYC) ; telling me I was going bald. The next year, I had insurance and went to the Dentist and I was told I am losing my teeth at an alarming rate and I can not save them.
My last three teeth that came out were removed with my fingers, and hardly a drop of blood fell. It's like my teeth are just hanging in there for the sake of comfortability as if a renter has a fear to move from the apartment they live because they will never find anything better.
I have more bridges than the 5 boro's.

I went to the Dentist the other day . He took molds. I gagged like a new hooker with John Holmes. I screwed up the molds. They had to be returned. More gagging ensued and we sent it out.
Dr. ---- (ends with a stien or a berg) tells me it can not be back until Columbus Day .

I have (tried) to live these past three days without speaking to people. It's been too hard. I look hideous. It is my 3 most upfront teeth (upper) and it sucks.

Moral of this post: Floss

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Bart said...

u remember those disgusting red pills? ew, I forgot about those, I think that was a NYC PS thing, I remember chomping one once b4 going to the dentist and my ma practically ripped my head off...