Sunday, October 08, 2006

This is not Kansas, Doherty

So, Pete Doherty, the drug addled boyfriend of Kate Moss seems to go to more Rehabs then I go through jobs.
I recently worked with this 12 stepper, and everytime a song came on by Alice in Chains or Blind Melon; I would be like; "poor bubby" (because their singers had O'd ed) and he would respond with, "Good for em."
That's not very 12 stepper-ish.

When addicts are in this position I'm sure a thought goes though the head of the loved ones watching from the sidelines, "Just die are causing us so much pain and grief." They think it but don't say it.
The Babyshambles' record company must be going broke from plopping Pete in these cushy Rehabs. I wish I could suggest St. Christophers for him. It's kind of free, or at least cheaper and he will never get a better handle on his addiction.
These cushy Rehabs for the 'rich' have plasma screen t.v.'s , fridges in the rooms, whirlpools; probably turn down service.
I called 'Promises ' when I lived in Los Angeles. I heard the rate (something astronomical like 10G's a week) and I asked if they had a kind of work (there) /rehab there like program. Un-uh.

Pete or Kate: (if your reading this...Suppressed laughter) come to NY and go to Garrison, NY. There is a train from Grand Central. One of the monks will pick you up. Cross your fingers that you get Stephanie as your counselor. You'll probably drop Kate for Jennifer(another counsel) cause she is smoking. No Pete; I know your eyes lit up when I used that euphemism. She's not actually 'smoking', she is a hotty.

When my drinking was completely out of control (liter of Vodka @ night, two years running) I just wished I had the means and money to go to a desert island and get a grip. That's what pisses me off about this "28 days" mentality. You need 90.
This is my newest script.
Since, thank God, they are not making "A Million Little Pieces" into a movie anymore; please hope that I can sell this beauty. It's called (working title) "In the Road"
Love Mickey

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