Sunday, October 22, 2006

Give me an "L"

Man, I've been the biggest loser on the interview front. I can't seem to put my finger on where I am going wrong.
I'd hate to name drop but I have this awesome (conservative) Hugo Boss suit, and I shaved my head so meticulously and then I have this thing with dropping 25 cent words into the conversation, and still, I leave these interviews barren. No hope in sight. I'm not trying too hard, yet I may be, subconsciously.
I just wish I had a friend who knew me and said, "Go to H.R. on Monday morning and we will take it from there." I have so much to offer and it kind of makes me all sorts of bummed out.
Should I be blatant: "I have a very high IQ and you will succeed with me in this position." How pretentious.
I know I am going to be slicing ham for you behind the deli counter. I should have networked.

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