Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bette Davis didn't dot her 'i';s.

it's 7:30am on Sunday and I have jkl; imprinted on face.
I'm trying to write all my journals.
I'm on this keith haring jobbie.(a journal I bought at his store)
It deals with Miami (South beach).
There was this guy. i totally discovered him.
He was quite possibly the hottest guy who walked the earth.
His name was Ernie Levy (hhm. Jewish name, spoke not abeat of English..must be Argentian)
He worked and ran this store called "Carol Rollo" on a seedy street.
He was always there.
If I could explain his face.
His nose was unreal. What a profile.
I think he was losing his hair, he wore a hat a lot.
When i moved back to NYC, I would see him in some random pics. from 'Paper Mag" or whatever, weird don't you think.
I obsessed (see Laura) over him.
Sometimes Bri and myself would go in the store (mind you, he's a model) nothing. We would leave kind of laughing.
He likes bottoms.

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